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Ian has been playing guitar since he nagged his parents into buying him one at the age of 13 - the "nine day wonder" still hasn't worn off, some 40 years later. He has ventured through many styles of acoustic guitar from folk, country-blues, ragtime and classical to the point of going electric in the mid 1980s, wielding a Strat in many University bands playing the rock canon. The addition of a MIDI pickup and Roland synth then opened up a whole new world of sounds.

Teaming up with Caroline Frost as "Cold Feet", he played pubs and clubs around Kent and in 1989 they became one of the resident duos at Dartford Folk Club. Other instruments then began to beckon, beginning with the mandolin, then saxophone, cello, bouzouki, fiddle, lute, bass recorder and 5-string banjo.

Lorraine’s first brush with live music and musical instruments was when she learned to play descant recorder at primary school. After being promoted to alto recorder, her school recorder orchestra had a professional recording made. At secondary school she took up the piano. Her interest in early music and folk music began in mid teens (thanks to Steeleye Span) and she was particularly drawn to the songs of the troubadours and trouvères.

Ian and Lorraine married in 2002 and formed the medieval quartet Offalog with Rob Mitchell and Karen Friett where they play music from the era of John Playford.

         Lorraine now regularly sings, and occasionally brings out the mandola, joining Ian as residents where they perform more contemporary folk music, including Gordon Lightfoot,          Jake Thackray, Richard Digance, Steeleye Span, Chumbabwamba, but also arranging works of the likes of Kate Bush and Elvis Costello for a folk audience.

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